You Had Me At Cheap
This site is dedicated to sharing money savings ideas while being
GREEN at the same time!
    No.10: Reuse Plastic Bags

    Often plastic shopping bags get used once and thrown away, but that bag can be used for future groceries or as
    a garbage bag.

    No.9: Buy Rechargeable Batteries

    Batteries are filled with toxic materials that are terrible for the environment, so go green by buying batteries
    that you can recharge. There are also special companies that will collect your old batteries and recycle them

    No.8: Recycling at School

    It’s easy to remember to recycle at home, but what about school? If your school doesn’t already have recycling
    bins, ask your teacher or administrator if they can get them or make one yourself – in fact, recycling can be a
    great project for the whole class.

    No.7: Spending Green

    Support eco-friendly companies by buying products made from recycled material – this could be anything from
    pencils and paper to wallets and clothing!

    No.6:  Electronics and the Earth

    What do you do when your with your phone when it finally goes kaput? Don't just toss it in the trash, many
    cellphone providers will recycle your phone for you when you get a new one and if not, go online and find
    your nearest electronics recycling depot. They can recycle everything from laptops to phones!

    No.5: Compost the Most

    Ask your parents or your school to start a compost. All your biodegradable food garbage – like egg shells and
    banana peels – will soon turn to soil that is great for planting.

    re use old jars and containers by storing your art supplies in them
    re use old jars and containers by storing your art supplies in them
    No.4: Sheets, Towels and Clothing

    Old sheets, towels and clothing can be donated to charity to be sold in thrift stores, or to an animal shelter as
    bedding and cleaning materials.

    No.3: Get Crafty!

    If you’re artistic you probably already know that there are a million ways to reuse jars, tubs and paper. A few
    crafts that include recycled materials are paper mache pinatas using old newspapers, painting using old jars,
    tin cans and plastic containers and using old magazines to make collages.

    No.2: Green Thumb

    If you’re not just green but also have a green thumb, you might want to try making old 2-liter pop bottles and
    empty jars into planters for flowers and herbs.

    Use your old pop bottles to make planters for flowers and herbs
    Use your old pop bottles to make planters for flowers and herbs
    No.1: Recycle Every Day

    The best way to recycle is to do it every day in your home and wherever you go. Remember to sort newspapers
    and magazines, plastic containers and bottles and assorted paper into your recycling and urge your friends
    and family to look out for ways to recycle too!